SOYEAST【Fermented Soy Powder】

Salt-free soybean fermented food SOYEAST® 

What is SOYEAST?

This is salt-free full-fat fermented soybean flour made from the world’s best fermentation technology, with the excellent properties of soybeans (field meat).


  • You can eat soybeans as it is, and it is healthy without salt.
  • Fermentation with lactobacillus and yeast (Note: the fermentation with yeast as well).
  • This processed food is obtained by low carbohydrate by fermentation with yeast.
  • The powdery fermented soybeans, soluble in water, and tends to absorb the meat juices etc. (to reduce calorie and can be used as filling material)
  • It goes well with meat in curry, and it also could be substitutes for animal meat.



  • Reduced carbohydrate by fermentation with processed food
  • Powdered fermented soybean, it is easy to absorb water and get absorbed in gravy etc.(It can be used as a filling material and can turn off calories)


How to Use

  • Curry, hamburger steak, stew, pasta sauce, omelette etc. Especially, it is compatible with meat and it is popular as a substitute for animal meat.
  • Cooking ingredients such as ham, sausage, rice porridge, mushrooms, Gyoza, Shao-mai(Chinese steamed dumplings) etc.
  • Cooking material for vegans, vegetarians

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