SOYAURA【Nutraceuticals Food】

Nutraceuticals food SOYAURA ® 

Taking SOYAURA everyday of your life, you become healthier.

Add dietary fiber to prebiotic fermentation to improve intestinal flora.

It contains lactic acid, amino acid and protein which are made by fermentation.

By continuing to eat every day, it can help digestion and absorption of nutrients, and you can take in high quality energy.

And it will lead to more healthy daily life.

You can enjoy the refreshing feeling in the morning, and it will also be useful for beauty. To stay young and healthy, we will extract the power of fermentation and deliver only products that satisfy our customers.

What is fermentation?
It is a power of fungi that make it easy to absorb in the body, gentle to the body, and delicious.

Here’s amazing points
1 Effective for anti-aging
→The combination of methionine and lysine in essential amino acids is complemented, it can supply more excellent amino acids than soy beans and sesame only.
→Soybeans, sesame, and catechin are super food with rich antioxidative effect.

2.Soybean isoflavones

→There are soybean isoflavones that are happy with women including dynein, daidzein, genistin, and genistein.

3 Vitamin B12

→Vitamin B12 has been produced in the fermentation process to realize anemia prevention and mental stability, concentration, and improvement in memory.

4 Catechin

→In order to improve the quality of our products, we added catechin which is said to have anticancer function, a polyphenol in green tea, which is unique to Shizuoka Prefecture famous for tea-growing district.




Estimated amount of drinking

Please mix two or three tablespoons at a time (about 5 g per spoon) in a beverage such as water or tea, and drink it several times a day.

We hope it will become a part of everyone’s lifestyle and we will be able to help you spend a healthy life in your busy everyday, even just a little bit.

Customers’ Feedback

Disorders of the gastrointestinal system were improved.

After drinking, the symptoms of hay fever improved

The blood sugar level has lowered in those who have diabetes.

Black hair has gradually increased in those who have white hair. 

(*Individual  impressions of people who took it. There might be individual differences in effects.)


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