SANACARPE【Natural Bread Improver】


Fermented lactic acid Quality improvement material for bread, meat softening material and fermentation seasoning solution made from wheat koji, lactic acid fermentation liquid, which has been viewed for over 30 years from the viewpoint of “health and deliciousness”

SANACARPE®It is registered as a trademark with the coined the words which have the meaning of “health” and “catch” in Latin.


Our thoughts for the development

After years of accumulating research and development, we have been able to ferment it with wheat koji as a result of the pursuit for deliciousness and health. We do not get tired of eating foods with real deliciousness everyday and we think they have a natural taste and gentle to the body. In order to realize its deliciousness, we have been focusing on natural ingredients such as wheat germ, which is loved by people who are health-conscious, and we have eliminated the excess ingredients. In addition, in order to offer customers the same kind of bread regardless of the season, we have developed it with the desire to help customers to feel “always delicious” rather than “very delicious”. At present when no use of emulsifier & yeast food becomes common, we have decided to offer products that are more enjoyable to eat and more gentle taste to our body, not only with the aim of eliminating the use of additives that are used in conventional improved materials.The health of all consumers, sellers, and manufacturers is regarded as the first priority, and the food of people who are part of nature is a prerequisite for the need of being more faithful to the nature.
The chemical additives are not used, try to find a guide arranged into modern way by taking lessons from the past,
we corresponds to the mass production technique.



  • Safety using only natural ingredients 
  • No additives other than wheat allergen free
  • High concentration of lactic acid is produced by fermentation of wheat koji (mixed with koji, yeast and lactobacillus)
  • No additives other than wheat allergen free



Wheat germ, wheat flour, rice flour, wheat koji, enzymes


(*This product process is JPN patent pending; Tokkai 2016-163560)


Product Standard

liquid:(Product pH3.5±0.2)


Preservation method
:At room temperature storage 180 days from manufacturing date(unopened)

Standard usage:White Bread,Pastry 1~2%、Hard Bread 0.3~1%(both are represented by baker’s%)


Usage example

4 hours sponge dough method

Various way of using SANACARPE in kitchen

Pastry-prevention of moisture

Improvement of moisture retention in confectionery Age delaying
Suppresse evaporation of moisture, it can maintain a soft feeling
Improvement in texture and damage prevention


Improvement of texture of noodles and spring rolls For Udon,Pasta,Somen-Improvement of the feeling of noodles going down your throat, giving chewiness of noodles, reduce to get soggy in boiled hot water
Chinese Noodle- Giving chewiness of noodles, reduce to get soggy in boiled hot water, keep freshness for a long time
Gyoza,Spring Roll- For gyoza-looseness of skins, improvement of peeling and giving chewiness

Softened texture for meat and fish

Improve the yield of meat, soften texture Less salty taste, so it is less affected on adding to seasoning liquid or taste after soaking
Tend to soften Beef and chicken breast meat
Giving softness to fish and masking effect of beast odor and fishy smell

Seasoning, sauce and savory

Adjustment of taste seasoning
Effecting of mellowing the taste


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