“SANACARPE®” – a fermented product that contains water-soluble dietary fiber, GABA, and 5-amino levulinic acid (5-ALA) – a nutrient that helps an inhibiting COVID infection.

Soi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, CEO: Tetsuji Ishigaki, hereinafter Soi) uses our fermentation method. We develop and sell high-quality fermented and health supplements. Recently, we made a research on our patented product, fermented wheat Koji (SANACARPEC) with Professor Hiromi Ikeura, Associate Professor, Faculty of Life and Environment Sciences from Shimane University. As a result of the analytical research, it was discovered that our product contains a high amount of water-soluble dietary fiber that assists intestinal activity, GABA which relieves stress and lowers cholesterol, and the 5-amino levulinic acid (5ALA), which inhibits COVID 19 infection.

In the recent study, we found out that 5-amino levulinic acid (5ALA) , one of the nutrients found in SANACARPE products , is a strong agent in inhibiting Covid 19 infection. Furthermore , Sanacarpe contains GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, that is helpful for relieving stress and for relaxing and lastly , Sanacarpe contains Water soluble dietary fiber that supports digestion, suppresses the absorption of sugar in the body and lowers cholesterol which helps keeping your gut healthy.

After coronavirus hit in Japan, people stated to raise awareness of keeping gut healthy so, that some of fermented products sales has In conclusion, Sanacarpe is more than just a fermented food. It is being used in a lot of processed foods like bread,, noodles, pizza and also in smoothies. It can change your life by promoting your gut health.

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