Thoughts for food development

We are committed to using natural ingredients, and we strive to bring out effects from these natural ingredients, similar to what is obtained from chemical products. In addition, we bring out the original flavor of the ingredients. Our aim is to find delicious tastes within that flavor, and develop it into a product that healthy for your body.

As seen in the company policy, “Delivering health to everyone,” we are committed to using ingredients that are natural, rather than depending on refined chemical substances. Our company uses natural ingredients with as little processing as possible, and we always strive to offer products that are healthy for you.

Considering the growing allergy problems of today, we are also focusing on developing products with minimal allergens in its raw products.

We develop products with consideration for the environment. Examples include the development of processing methods that minimizes heating operations that produce greenhouse gases, as well as consideration for products to be returned to the natural ecosystem when expired and thrown away.

Why SOI is Committed to Fermentation

We develop products based on the technique of fermentation. Fermentation has been used for many years, and is still used today as a new technique. It is both an old and new technique, and is a way for us to discover new ideas by learning from the past. We also believe that the power of microorganisms involved in fermentation is both the shortcut and the righteous road to returning to nature.

SOI’s Development Philosophy

Make the impossible possible … Not giving up, but finding a way
Research and development to create one product does not happen overnight. When discovering an obstacle during development, rather than thinking it is not possible, we believe it is important to approach it from a different viewpoint, or with a completely different method. We will always pursue a method that can be realized, and carefully explore it. We engage with the belief that the impossible will be converted into the possible.

Selection of Materials Considering its Return to Nature
The basic and raw materials are chosen to be as close to nature as possible, with no chemical flavors or additives. We also develop products using organic materials, depending on client requests.



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