Our Mission

To provide products that is tasty and good for health for everyone

Our Policy

To deliver health to everyone. We are committed to using only natural ingredients rather than depending on refined chemical substance, and always strive to offer products that are healthy for everyone.

Our Philosophy

-Return to nature

-An attempt to discover new truths by scrutiny of the old in order to prepare for the future.

-Our mission is to develop new foods by studying the origin of food and mass produce our products in a way the experts of old would have wanted.

Pursuit of food that can be enjoyed and healthy
From the viewpoint of “medicine and food have the same origin”, we think what you eat should have good effect for maintaining good health always, and we hope to provide something joyful to everybody by contributing to the health. Eating delicious food is also a pleasure for life. It is also our mission to pursue the deliciousness that everyone can enjoy.

Making impossible, possible

In research and development to pursue safe and secure food, there are many things that cannot be realized overnight. Rather than being unable to do it, we think it suggests an approach from another viewpoint, or from a completely different way. We will patiently and carefully explore a way to make it happen somehow. We will be involved the development in the belief of making impossible possible..

Benefits of health

The concept of ‘Sampo Yoshi’ (three way good) that an Oumi merchant used as the basis of business is that if only one person makes a profit, he will not be able to make a profit for in the long run, so it should be the good idea that the buyer, seller, and manufacturer will be equally profitable in order to continue business. We include the meaning of the “profit” of the “healthy” body in the Oumi merchant’ word “profit” as the responsibility of the food company, along with the economical “profit” in this Oumi merchant’s word “profit.”

May the humility to nature and the enjoyment of healthy life be with everybody

We are conducting research and development based on our desire to ride a wave and to have humility to the nature rather than pandering to the era. We hope to return the results to society. The basic principle of R & D is to pursue nature figure of what it should be by returning to the basics and grasping the essence of things. In order to survive and improve as a company, based on the Oumi Merchant’s teaching of the “Sampo Yoshi’, three Way Good”, we are working together with you to create food that is healthy and enjoyable for all of you, and to be able to enjoy your life as a responsibility involved in food development.





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