Supporting transition from mass consumption market to value added market

In the Japanese domestic food and beverage market, consumption is declining with no expected growth in the future as the population ages and single family households become more common. Today, the need to “eat lots of delicious food ” is changing. There is a need for products that are beneficial for health, diet, and beauty. Consumers want organic food that use natural ingredients and fewer additives, and low volume production with high nutritional added value. These needs will continue to increase as consumers desire to eat and experience unique food grows stronger. Using techniques gained through years of experience and the newest technologies, we provide answers to your “food and beverage challenges” from consulting to production services.

Health/General foods Development & Solutions

Please arrange a meeting with us, and we can discuss contract work as necessary.

Development Policy

Our motto is to deliver health to everyone. We specialize in developing food products that replace additives with natural and organic ingredients. Please kindly understand that we may not fully meet expectations in product development that uses ingredients of lesser quality with unnecessary additives.

Product development solution

With our motto and stance of “making the impossible possible,” we will work together with you to develop and deliver technology to improve quality. This ties to reduced investment cost in strengthening your development organization. We also offer knowledge and technology related to food product composition and the manufacturing process to expand your possibilities.


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