Message from CEO

SOI Limited
President/CEO Tetsuji Ishigaki PhD (The University of Tokyo)

Humans are a part of nature, so I think we should be respectful of nature. For this reason, I feel that we need to move away from our dependence on processed foods and strive to develop food products that are more natural.
Food is essential to life, and I want people to have diets that support their health. It is also my goal to bring out the natural flavors and aromas of ingredients, and I aspire to create delicious food that will encourage everyone to eat healthily.

My mottoes for food research and development are to understand the true nature of things, to go back to basics, and to return things to the way they should be.

My business is based on the concept of “Sampo yoshi,” created by the Oumi merchants, which means “benefit for all three sides (producer, consumer, and society).” I took the term “benefit” in this case to mean not only economic benefit, but also the health benefits food companies should be responsible for.

In order to nurture this business, I want to work with everyone to reap the same benefits, in line with the precept of “Sampo yoshi,” and to fulfill my duty as a food developer, which is to provide food that will help people enjoy a happier, healthier life.


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