1984 /3 Established as Soi Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Ishigaki Ruzaburo)
1994/10 Representative Director Risaburo Ishigaki won the R & D Achievement Award from the Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture “In the research on the production method of fermented soybean foods etc. with functionality”
1997/4 Ryozaburo Ishigaki won the Director General of Science and Technology Agency (Science and Technology Promotion Award) for the achievement of “Development of salt-free fermented product of whole grain soy flour”
2016/3 Subscribed from Shizuoka Prefecture the management reform plan approval document
2017/6 Adopted for “Food Science development subsidy project” by Shizuoka Industry.

Acquired patent (partial)

    • Propionic acid fermentation product and soybean fermentation product using it PAT NO. 2103310 (Hei 8.10.22)
      Japanese Patent Application Nos. 4-358545, 6-197719
    • Fermented fermented sesame with antioxidant ability and food using it PAT NO. 3261075 (Hei 13.12.14)
      Patent application Hei 9-179509, Patent publication 11-18714
    • Quality improver for bread making PAT NO. 3380767 (Hei 14.12.13)
      Patent application Hei 11-115020, patent publication 2000-300156
    • Miso using oats PAT NO. 3925714 (Hei 19.3.9)
      Patent Application 2003-22044, Patent Publication 2004-229555
    • Fermented sesame having antioxidative properties, and food containing the same
      US.PAT.NO 5891492
    • Quality improver for use in producing bread US.PAT.NO 6183787

(*The patents acquired by our company are diverse, some of which have acquired overseas patents.)


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