What we do

Ever since its founding in 1984, SOI has continued to provide specialized services in the research, development, and production of healthy food based on natural ingredients. We have established ourselves as innovators within the field of food production. Though SOI focused primarily on soybeans during its early years, it has now expanded its mission to providing various healthy food products for its customers. We are no longer limited to the soybean, the food which gave the company its name. Now, we are devoted to utilizing our new processing technology to develop healthier, more delicious and higher quality products for our customers.


At SOI, we put the health of our consumers, distributors, and producers first. We believe that food should be as natural as possible since it is a part of nature in the first place. Therefore we develop new foods by studying the origin of food and mass produce our products in a way the experts of old would have wanted, without using chemical additives.


Business introduction

1. High emulsifying capacity dough improver for Bread & Pastry made by Wheat koji lactic acid fermentation
Since SOI’s founding over 30 years ago, we have used fermentation technology to deliver natural/organic dough improver for overall flour products. We were the first company in Japan to deliver a natural bread improver for mass production for Japan’s first major bakery.

2. Development of the health food
SOYAEST® had been developed as a product fermented with lactic acid bacteria and yeast after the enzymatic treatment of soybean. We were also developing SOYAURA®, a nutrition-enhanced functional food with antioxidant ability, which was obtained by parallel multiple fermenting soybean as the main ingredient with lactic acid bacteria and propionic acid bacteria with sesame and carrot.

3. Proposal for custom-made (project solving) development.
Since the beginning, SOI have used fermentation technology and developed specialized products from safe raw materials to satisfy the needs of our customers. By utilizing the techniques we have mastered, we will assist you with project-oriented (custom-made) solutions that apply to your diverse needs.


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