We will open a pop-up restaurant “Hackotay” in Shinjuku.

We want to offer you Raman and Shokupan “Silky Japanese Pullman loaf” using our original Koji ingredient “SANACARPE“.   Recipes have been created especially for the pop up and have been carefully curated to reflect the art of Japanese Fermentation through Dr.Ishigaki.

SOI’s Pop UP Fermentation Store : Hackotay


Hackotay’s web:https://sanacarpe.com/hackotay

SNS:https://twitter.com/hackotay  (Twitter)    https://www.instagram.com/hackotay (Instgram)

(*Koji (Fungi) is a microorganism which is used to make sake, soy sauce, and miso——- a key ingredient that defines Japanese fermented foods.)

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